We Create Jobs For Our Community

The Enterprise branch of Rain Edge International exists to fulfill some very important needs. First, these projects generate much needed income that helps to cover expenses and support the vision here at Rain Edge International Centre. Many of these Enterprise projects also provide vital services to the community in addition to offering substantial training in a skilled profession for members of the Sure 24 family who are past school-going age.

Water Department

Our water department includes water purification and bottling facility that utilizes an on-site bore hole. We supply clean water to Sure 24 and for a fair price to the community. We sell mineral water (branded as AQUASURE) within Nakuru and its environs. We are planning to extend our markets to other cities and towns in Kenya and abroad.

“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing nothing for nobody.” ~ Malcom Bane


Construction Team

Rain Edge International is blessed to be a continually growing and thriving organization. Therefore, we also have many ongoing construction projects being built by our team of reformed and rehabilitated local youth.

Rain edge clinic

We have established a small clinic where we offer medical services and health care to the children of sure 24 and the community at large. We do offer medical camps to the communities within Nakuru town every year at the month of august with an assistance of a team of doctors and nurses from the United Kingdom, known as FLOWING RIVERS who have been volunteering with us for over two years. Our medical camp normally runs for three days.

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Alumni´s Testimonials

Patient are saying

Dennis Rono

African Institute College

Hi, I’m Dennis Rono. I am 21 years old, I joined Sure 24 home in the year 2007, before joining Sure 24, my both parents died so I had to live with my grandma. She was unable to pay my school fees and basic needs, by God’s grace I joined Sure 24 home. I started in class 1 until my completion of high school. Currently, I’m in college pursuing project management as a course. After I will finish my course I will come back and give back to Rain-edge and to the community at large. Thanks, Rain-edge and Sure 24 for the good support

Cathrine Waithera

Mount Kenya University

I came to sure 24 when I was 13 years old now 22. Am currently in the university, Pursuing education arts. Am grateful to sure 24  for giving me a chance to study and build my future to give back and help the community at large

Kelvin Omari

Kenyatta University

At Sure 24 Homes, life was far much better that I forgot what I went through for a while. I
stayed there for Eight Years. I joined Mburu Gichua Primary School in Std 6 and two years later I did my KCPE and scored 309 marks. I joined Anester Boys High School and later Michinda Boys Secondary School where I did my KCSE in November 2016. earned a grade of B-. In September 2017, I was admitted to Kenyatta University and started my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer science which I am currently pursuing hoping to finish by December 2022.

Sammy Masila

Maseno University

Life wasn’t any better, I had just been over and done with my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams and was very enthusiastic to proceed to the secondary level. This eagerness belittled as the second year got along with me at home still wondering how to make it to that secondary school. I couldn’t see even the tiniest bit of hope.
It was this way until I was lucky to be enrolled at sure24 homes in 2016. I can testify that this is one of the best things that has ever happened in my life. The challenge of learning was no more in my life,sure24 home has catered for my school fee since then and ensured adequate provision of shelter, food,clothing and healthy facilities.
Currently am studying at Maseno University. Pursuing Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management with IT under the care and provision of sure24 home.Sure24 home has given me a hope to be great.

Simon Njoroge

Kabarak University

  My names are Simon Njoroge Mwangi , I got in sure 24 in 2007 at the age of 7years. Before i got in to sure 24 , I was picked from a Safe House in Naivasha. Before i was taken by the Safe House home ,i was a street boy of about 5/6 years of age.Life in the street was so much difficult for me, mostly looking for food and a place to sleep. I 2007 i was given the opportunity to get in sure 24  and start my education and i was taken to class one which is grade 1 at the moment of .I was very grateful for the opportunity ,since I was not schooling at the home that i was before i came to sure 24. After getting to Sure 24 life was not that simple by then coz the place was new to me .      Year went and i was used to it ,and i got an interest in music and mostly in drums .I thank God that sure 24 have  supported me up to this moment ,am in kabarak university taking music and music production .Am greatfull to sure 24  because i can see my dream are becoming true.Thanks to sure 24 and Dad Sammy .
          Sure 24 have rilly impacted my life ,by creating a cool education  please ,food ,clothing and shelter for me.            
       When i completely finish my education i what to come back and give  back to sure 24 and the community .

Ian Orinda

RVIST College

Since my mum was not able to cater for my fees through her salary which was ment only for food and shelter since it was not enough. Sure 24 came in and gave me a hand of support with the help of dad Summy thriugh my highscool period. Since i had to join collage to pasue my course which was food and beverage, dad sammy had good which he again supported me through my collage level and he still continuing giving me support. Am hoping to still continue with my studies till the end. Thanks to him because he has being with me and tried his best to provide for me interms of food, shelter, clothing and education since the year 2017 were i joined sure 24 upto know. Thanks to him and the almighty God be with him and open much doors through his ways thank you

Salina Lemurda

African Institute

am 21 years old. I came to sure 24 in April 2012. I was brought by a missionary who rescued me from FGM and early child marriage. sure 24 has been a a good home for. i have had a chance to interact with other children and got to appreciate their process and who they are.
The home has provided security and hope to me, having found social workers who are dedicated to support and encourage, treating everyone as equal. currently am in college, pursuing community health and social work hoping to help the community as a way of bringing hope and change to those who need it.

Peter Kyule

RVIST College

Short Description

Peter Ndung’u

RVIST College

Short Description

Teddy Wachira

CHUKA University

Am 21 years old . I joined sure 24 home in the year 2008 because my grandmother couldn’t afford to provide me with the basic needs. Am very grateful because Sure 24 home has given me and the community at large hope for the future through ;empowering , educating as well as sharing the Christian values to the society. Currently am studying Veterinary Services at Chuka University . Looking forward to be a productive member of the community and give back to the families in need.