Born: 23.3.2002
Father: Dominic Atuti (deceased)
Mother: Margaret Kemuma (deceased)
Siblings: Janet, Aggrey, Rodges, Damaris
Friend: kelvin kamau
Favourite subject: science
When I grow up: I want to be an engineer

Boniface is the last born in a family of five children. His father, Mr. Dominic Atuti died of HIV/AIDS in 2005 living them with their mum who was also a victim of the same. The mother started selling fruits by the roadside after the father’s death so that she could provide for her children inspite of her deteriorating health. She later got worse and could not work any more. So boniface and his sister Damaris were forced by that circumstance to drop out of school at class five and seven respectively at Baraka Primary School so
they could take care of their mum,since the big others are violent drunkards who would even sell household utensils and furniture just to get drunk. Now because the two could not raise any money for treating their
mother, they sought help from neighbors who took her to the hospital but never stayed long before she passed on. The mother’s burial was in Kisii land, but after that all the relatives refused to take care of the two. Their Grandmother chased Boniface and his sister away and told them to board
the bus they had used to the place of burial back to Nakuru. On arrival, the landlord kicked them out of the house where they used to live with the mum due to rent balances. It was during that period that he really starved and spent cold nights out that a well wisher brought him to Sure24 orphanage. He is now in class eight at L.F.A