Who We Are?

Rain edge International is a non-profit community based organization with its offices centered in Nakuru Kenya. It was founded out of a passion to alleviate poverty especially within the marginalized children, i.e. street children, the vulnerable and those at risk in one way or another within the community.

Rainedge the name is to imply the end of a rainy season where for us in Kenya we depend a lot on rain for food production, and so rainedge comes in to spearhead the production of a healthy and a working community. We operate under Christian based principles and values, but it does not exclude people or deny them assistance based on their faith, gender or race.

Our Vision?

Our vision is simple; all our activities are geared towards Developing A Healthy And Working Community

Our Mission?

our mission is to empower communities through education,

sports and arts, feeding program,creating job opportunities

and to provide shelter  for the orphans and street children

Five Core Pillars of Our Existence