We Create Jobs For Our Community

The Enterprise branch of Rain Edge International exists to fulfill some very important needs. First, these projects generate much needed income that helps to cover expenses and support the vision here at Rain Edge International Centre. Many of these Enterprise projects also provide vital services to the community in addition to offering substantial training in a skilled profession for members of the Sure 24 family who are past school-going age.

Water Department

Our water department includes water purification and bottling facility that utilizes an on-site bore hole. We supply clean water to Sure 24 and for a fair price to the community. We sell mineral water (branded as AQUASURE) within Nakuru and its environs. We are planning to extend our markets to other cities and towns in Kenya and abroad.

“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing nothing for nobody.” ~ Malcom Bane


Construction Team

Rain Edge International is blessed to be a continually growing and thriving organization. Therefore, we also have many ongoing construction projects being built by our team of reformed and rehabilitated local youth.

Rain edge clinic

We have established a small clinic where we offer medical services and health care to the children of sure 24 and the community at large. We do offer medical camps to the communities within Nakuru town every year at the month of august with an assistance of a team of doctors and nurses from the United Kingdom, known as FLOWING RIVERS who have been volunteering with us for over two years. Our medical camp normally runs for three days.