Schools in Kenya in primary  public education is free, however school books, school uniforms (which are mandatory), chairs, desks and often building fees have to be paid for. Many disadvantaged families are unable to pay for such expenses, which unfortunately preclude many children from attending school and thus block their potential way out of poverty.


Rain edge International offers free schooling to 328 children at the primary Level. Many of the students come from the streets or from the slum area, and several have neither parents nor any other relatives to pay the expenses for them to attend a public school.Beginning as four preschool classes in a building made of clay, Living Fountain Academy has grown into a full kindergarten and primary school offering quality education to children from Sure 24 and the community. The school has been in existence for the last ten years with the current population of 388 students and 35 teachers. The school consists of a nursery school with three class levels and class one to eight (primary school), which is completed with a final examination. All students at the school receive two meals per day, which for some students is the only food they get in a day. All students are given school uniforms, shoes and school books etc. The school also has a computer lab where leaners are offered simple basic computer packages.

“So they told us that we had to make our minds think of ourselves as children while at Sure24.  We needed to stop thinking of making money, thinking of collecting things to make money from … but rather to concentrate on our education to make our lives better. “

-Former street girl




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