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Education plays a vital role in shaping one’s academic achievement, social mobility, character/mindset development, math learning, social cohesion, and social equality

Your bright future is our mission

We produce all-around students who are holistically developed to cope with the new changes brought about by technological advancement and societal norms, thereby capable of bringing the needed transformation in any society.

Welcome To Rainedge
High School

Rainedge high school is a mixed private secondary school offering the 8-4-4 and finally 2-6-6-3 education curriculum in the Republic of Kenya.
The school is located in a serein environment in Nakuru county, Gilgil sub-county Oljorai phase 2.
The school is committed to a broad-based, holistic, and inclusive system of education. Furthermore, the school thrives in an environment that fosters innovation, creativity, competitiveness, information technology, and critical thinking to drive transformation. It was established in the year 2014 with an enrollment of 26 students in the form 1 class.

Where Hard Work Produces Excellence

The school also prides itself on having competent and professional teachers who are registered by the teachers’ service commission of Kenya.

Our Vision

To be a world-class center for education and research.

Our Mission

To train, mentor, and educate children in a holistic way while at the same time nurturing their leadership and technical skills.

Our Core Values

Transparency. Integrity. Honesty. Time Consciousness

Admission Now

Admission for form 1 and form two students is still ongoing

Staff Members

Sammy N. O


Mr. Wilberforce

The Principal


Deputy Principal

Md. Gloria


Sports Centre

We value Gifts and

Sports are a crucial part of a student’s growth and development.
They help in the development of mental health and physical fitness of the body. 

Nurture Talents

Through participation in sports and games, a student gains various skills, experience
and confidence that are helpful for developing their personality.

Life Skill Development

While sports not only help in developing physical
and mental health, it also develops the life skills of a student’s personality.
It enhances their capabilities and helps them to have a better
understanding of themselves. Sports also help in developing social skills
and getting along with people. 

Part Of The Curriculum

At Rain Edge High School, sports is an important part of the curriculum.
The school is well equipped with multi-sporting facilities that include
tennis, basketball, volleyball and other indoor games.
The school not only aims to improve a student’s physical abilities
but also instill a sense of good sportsmanship in them.

Our Achievements


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Certified Teachers

Success Stories

Wilberforce Mboku

Principal & Physics/Geography Teacher

Rainedge high school is a mixed private secondary school offering the 8-4-4 and finally 2-6-6-3 education curriculum in the republic of Kenya.
The school is located in a serein environment in Nakuru county,Gilgil sub-county Oljorai phase 2.

Limitless Learning More Possibilities

Rainedge High School offers every student limitless learning possibilities. The sky is always the limit and therefore entrusting your child’s destiny in our hands is the best choice. You give us a teenager we give you back a holistically developed individual capable of transforming society. you can admit your child online or download our admission form as well as our fee structure.

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Nakuru county, Gilgil sub-county Oljorai phase 2.